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Week #2: Officially on Dominican Time

Well, we're officially settled in. So much so that I'm writing this blog post 4 days late. What can I say, I'm embracing the relaxed culture.

Our second week was primarily comprised of car troubles. By day 10 we were already on our third car. Our first was given to us in pretty sketchy shape. It would be easier to tell you which warning lights weren't on then to tell you which ones were. So unfortunately after 2 days of driving that, we decided that it'd be best to get something a little more reliable to drive through rivers.

Thanks to a good friend of Isabel's Tio, we were able to rent another SUV. Things were looking up, right until we looked down and saw the bumper falling off of the car. But hey, nothing was gonna kill our vibe. We called the guy who rented us the car and explained the situation. His solution: a 2005 Ford Explorer 4x4. Can't be worse then what we had, and so far that's true.

So now that we had our wheels all figured out, it was time to get to work. We were able to roll into Angostura and start talking to the community leaders about the clinic. After conferring with our contacts there we were able to setup a meeting with the department of public health for this upcoming Tuesday. More to come on that later.

The week ended with a bit of mixed feelings, because unfortunately we scheduled our community meeting at the same time as another meeting across town. Womp womp. But we rescheduled it to Wednesday and you can read all about it in the Week #3 post that I will be writing in 2 days. Talk to you then. -Ian

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