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Week #1: We made it!

After months of fundraising, we finally arrived in the Dominican Republic. Thanks again to all of the supporters that made this possible!

Our adventure finally began as we arrived in the town of Luperon this Wednesday. After a quick shopping trip in Santiago to stock up on food, we headed straight for our new apartment and began to settle in. We were able to connect with another American friend of ours, Josh, for dinner on our first night. Josh has lived and worked in the area for over 4 years now, and he was kind enough to share some advice on adjusting to life here.

Once we sorted out some problems with our rental car, we were able to reunite with our friends in Angostura. We discussed the status of the Medical clinic and were pleased to learn that the building is going to be fully completed within the week. With some of our friends, we took to the streets (dirt paths) to let everyone in Angostura know that we're here. While spreading the word, we asked that everyone join us for a meeting next Sunday to discuss the next steps for the clinic.

An update on the results of that meeting and new events will be in next week's post.

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