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Who We Are 

We create healthier lives by increasing access to proper, effective care in rural Dominican Republic. Founded in 2014 by our team in Philadelphia, ondawave partners with Angostura, a community of 500 residents, to improve the health care available in this region. Most recently, we began working on a polyclinic in the town center 

Our Mission

ondawave is a nonprofit organization that partners with a small community in the Dominican Republic.


We are a 501(c)(3) organization and we’re unique because the community decides the work we do.


Our programs focus on healthcare, jobs, and education so that the Dominican people have a safe and sustainable future.

Our Vision

ondawave envisions a future where empowered Dominican communities lead each other to healthier futures through proper, accessible care, preventative treatment, and continuing health education.

Our Programs

Our programs are a direct reflection of what the community needs. Our primary programs include:

  • Access to a community health care clinic

  • Job training and support

  • English lessons for community members

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Where in the world is Angostura?

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