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Full time staff in the Dominican Republic!

We need to raise $28,000 so that two American staff members can live with Angostura full time.  Our staff’s primary responsibility is to complete the healthcare clinic and ensure it is fully operational within six months. 

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Co-developing sustainable, community owned programs to alleviate the cycle of poverty in Angostura, Dominican Republic.

"I hope this is forever, not just for one day"

Angostura is no stranger to handouts.  


Every day countless organizations come through rural Dominican Republic to build homes, treat patients, or feed the impoverished; but the next day they are gone.  Brand new homes fall to tropical storms, chronic illnesses receive no further treatment, and once full bellies ache again. 


Angostura cannot thrive on handouts alone, that's why ondawave partners with the community to address their needs.  We are committed to helping Angostura grow to the thriving community we know it can be, whether it takes 5 years or 50.


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